Wednesday, January 20, 2010

tool rolls are rolling in!!!

(hah ha haa...)
We're pretty excited about these little guys (or gals...or what-have-yous). Because, as you can surely tell, they not only fit all of your lovely tools (allens, PB-type-wrenches, patches, tire levers, etc, etc), but you can also throw a pump in there. It even has a document pocket, that fits full-sized sheets of paper:

And the fun isn't done there! You can roll it up and wear it like a hip bag (it has a spot for your cards/cash, and fits a mini-lock):

Or you can strap it behind your seat:

Live hard, ride safe!

Monday, January 18, 2010

East Bay Alley-CX!!!

We're really psyched for this one to come around again. Evan organized a great race last year that we wont soon forget. Epic. This year we're happy to be sending a few bags to the race. Hope to see you there!


for details!